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Snow Cone Ice Scraping Funnel

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 These make great gifts...perfect stocking stuffers.

          3 functions in 1 product:

             Snow/ice scraperice breaker, and a funnel

This Snow Cone Ice Scraping Funnel is The Clever Tool That Does It In Just Seconds!

  • Double Scraping Action for Very efficient scraping
  • Clear Windows twice as fast as traditional Ice Scraper
  • Very comfortable Grasp
  • Can scrape even the frozen frost with ease.


  • VERY HANDY SCRAPERS. Easily packable, this thin and lightweight scrapers can be stored in your car without taking too much space. Weighs 1.5 oz! 
  • SAFEST SCRAPERS ON YOUR WINDSHIELDS. The miracle scraper is the best and well-known handheld tool for removing frost, ice, and snow from windows on automobiles without damaging your car's windshield and paint 
  • GET ICE AND SNOW OFF IN SECONDS. With Miracle Scrapers, you don’t have to stay cold outside your cars for too long. It will clear off ice and snow in your cars and windshields in just a few seconds!

Ventana mágica de parabrisas de coche raspador de hielo con forma de cono de nieve removedor de herramienta raspar una ronda

Snow Cone Ice Scraping Funnel