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Magic Legging

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Meet the Super Elastic Magical Stockings. It's made from the highest quality of Nylon and Acrylic to ensure high elasticity and anti-hook. It's also super thin -- similar to how a cicada's wings are. You can choose between sleek black and the natural skin color. Get this today and feel its elasticity!


  • Product material analysisSkin Beauty/ Sun Block/ Leg beauty
  • Helps blood circulation, smooth skin condition
  • Block the sun to prevent tanning and the sunburn, effectively protect the skin expose outside.
  • Gentle, silky, light and breathable, allowing a skin to breathe freely
  • Absorb Sweat, and dry fast, to allow good ventilation
  • Durable and strong silk material, prevent scratch, rip, and fuzz
  • Italian import materials show nature luster and high quality

How To Use: 

Step 1:Rolls the stocking down to the tip of the toe 
Step 2:Adjust the tip and the heel for fitting, and gently rolling upward
Step 3:Stand up and pull up both sides for further adjustment
Step 4:Smoothing both legs and pull together with the tights uniform fit, allow pull and wear stockings to the waist


  • Item Type: Tight
  • Gender: Women 
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Material: Acrylic and Nylon、Green tea oil 
  • Thickness: Thin
  • Main Fabric composition: Polyamide / Nylon
  • Color: Black, Beige
  • Elasticity: High
  • Size: Free Size

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